The programme, Working with English (Conversational) is designed for foreign domestic workers who want to develop their conversational English skills at the workplace. Speaking, listening, reading and writing modalities are covered from beginning to end of the programme. The 30-hour English conversational programme aims to prepare learners for realistic work using basic vocabulary words, phrases and jargon in the household environment. Dialogue drills and role-plays using high frequency words, phrases, phrasal verbs and simple idioms are part of the teaching methodologies in this programme. Conversation drills are set in a variety of everyday contexts such as greetings, making purchases, clarifying oral and written instructions as well as reading and interpreting food and medicine labels.

The programme includes the following:

  • Review of the English Alphabet 

  • Review of numeracy

  • Introductions, greetings and polite expressions

  • Life skills

  • Workplace skills

Other information

Target Audience

Foreign domestic workers with little-to-no knowledge of the English language


261 Waterloo Street #04-36, Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261


30 hours (spread over 4 Sundays)

Course Fee


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