CBLD Manpower Consultancy provides one-to-one training for foreign domestic helpers in their employer’s home in all areas of domestic work. Our trainers who are effectively bilingual in English and Bahasa Indonesia, work with employers to understand the performance gaps of their foreign domestic helpers and then coach and assess them in those targeted areas. We provide the following training that are contextualized for foreign domestic workers:


  • Conversational English

Personal Effectiveness

  • Financial literacy

  • Maintain personal hygiene

  • Maintain emotional wellbeing

  • Project a positive and professional image

  • Provide quality service

Home Administration

  • Clean furniture and furnishings

  • Perform laundry

  • Prepare local cuisine food

  • Handle food safely and hygienically


  • Provide care for infants (newborn - 18 months)

  • Provide care for toddlers (18 months – 2 years)

  • Provide care for children (2 years – 10 years)

  • Provide care for elderly persons

  • Provide basic first aid at home

  • Provide care for dogs


Others as requested

Other information

Target Audience

Foreign domestic workers


Employer’s Home


Minimum 2 hours

Course Fee

$70 per hour

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